How can I get 120 Hz on ps5? : r/consoles

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How to enable 120Hz video output from PS5 or Xbox Series X/S to ViewSonic monitor? - LED Monitor - General Questions - Support - ViewSonic Global

How to Enable 120Hz Output on PS5

Yes, You Can Use PS5 with an Ultrawide Monitor

Next gen consoles should allow a choice for 120hz output for best input lag

Native free sync monitor : r/consoles

Yes, the PS5 supports 120hz 1440p, with HDR. : r/playstation

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PlayStation®5, Play Has No Limits

Zuby_Tech on X: PlayStation 5: -Introduced Haptic Feedback -Pioneered World Class SSD I/O System, That Moved Gaming Industry Forward -First 8K Game On Console -Pioneered 40FPS With 120Hz Mode, Absolute Game Changer

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